Saturday, January 19, 2013


This is a pretty radical jump for some, though the more one is willing to look at it as an actuality, the more it can be Seen.

Let's use an example of when you first meet someone.  You may say "hello" and your first thoughts are "what a nice person" but you have only just said hello.  Then you look at their pants and there is a rip and you think "oh they must be poor" then they say something that you don't agree with and you may think "oh well we don't have anything in common" and then they might tell you something else about their life and you think "oh I love this person."

This happens all the time doesn't it?  Don't you find yourself flip flopping between
good thoughts and bad thoughts about everything that appears before you?  But thoughts only have the meaning that you give to them.  Only you can say what thought you think is good and what thought you think is bad about anything that appears before you. 

What you are being pointed towards here, is that no matter what you is a lie. 

Thoughts are lies, because they do not reflect Truth.  Truth cannot be thought.

Once this is Seen you will begin to experience each moment as it actually is, not how you think it is or how you think it should be.  This happens by no longer believing what you think is true and being willing to be wrong about what you think about anything and everything.

How can you verify that anything that you just read is True and not just more thoughts (which they actually are however, they are thoughts that Point to Truth)?  You can do this by beginning to watch your thoughts.  As you pay attention to what you think, you may begin to see that "thoughts" cannot be in the present moment, they are always about the past or the future.  To be in the present moment you cannot think about it, because each thought moves you out of the moment you are in to describe it to you.  Like if you are looking a tree, you are just seeing it, but the moment you think "oh the tree is brown" it is about what you have seen not what you are seeing.  This may not be clear at first, however it will be if you continue to watch your thoughts, paying attention to what you think, but not believing it, because even when you say the tree is brown...what is brown?  Really isn't that just a word we picked out of any combination of letters to agree that when we see what we "think" is that color we can share the experience of the color, but how do we even know our eyes see the same color, when all we are actually doing is agreeing on a word about a color.  This may seem complicated at first but it becomes very, very simple, when one stops believing and eventually even paying attention to the thoughts and begins to just SEE.

Ultimately it does not matter if you see this, because life happens in spite of what you or anyone thinks about it.  That is the good news.

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