Tuesday, January 29, 2013


“Sometimes it take a strong kick in the F*cking Ass to be Heard.”

(DISCLAIMER: The following blog post is not for the light-hearted, verbally and/or politically correct.)


Sit down and shut the f*ck up.  My mother raised me not to say the “f” word so I’m being kind on her account.  Shut the f*ck up.  That word “EM” above … in the title … that’s you EM (Ego Mind) the one that thinks it is reading this, the one that “thinks” it is in control.  It “thinks” that things have to or should be a certain way Fuck you “EM.”  It’s about time someone told you to sit down and shut the f*ck up cause you haven’t Heard and it shows.

This writing is coming to you now before it is too late to Hear.  So let’s talk about “EM” (Ego Mind) who you “think” you are … also known as the “I” thought.  How about you bring me some “I” thought … and while you are at it, take a piece of cloth … ball it up … and stick it in that f*cking “I” thoughts mouth you keep telling me you are.  You know the one that can’t do this or can’t do that or is so freaking awesome and wonderful that no one can do without you … that one … get ‘em and bring him over here so we can take a look at ‘em and see how he got so damn BIG when he doesn’t even exist.

Ok ladies, don’t get thrown by the word “he.”  We are all brothers from another mother here.  Can you Hear that?  The same that is in you, is in everyone and yet it appears that we are not because different mothers and fathers gave us life to be in this world, but before the world I AM and in that you Are.

The quickest way to prove this wrong is to prove that you exist, just bring that “I” thought here and if it can’t be proven that it doesn’t exist then you are right, but if it can proven that it doesn’t exist, then who you think you are doesn’t exist.  So make sure you are solid with knowing who you are before you come knocking, don’t bring any ghosts of a past that doesn’t exist and a future that hasn’t come.  You bring who you are right now and we’ll see what you are not.

You can always find EM … he usually has a lot of other EMs around him.  EM doesn’t like to be alone because then he has to face that he is all alone.  Notice how “EM” the one that likes to complain usually has a lot of company?  Have you been listening to bullshit stories of others that tell you how hard life is, how you just all can’t get along, how we have to fight to survive, have any of those kind around you.  You know why they are around you?  Because you are just like them.  You don’t want to give up your story of who you are to be who you are, you want the comfort of others who tell you who you are, even if you are sick and tired of hearing it, you stay rather than be alone.

When you get tired enough of the stories, you will begin to start calling people on their BS/stories/(lies) because you will have faced your own.  You cannot see in another what isn’t in yourself, you have done what it is that you are seeing or you are doing it now.  You can either join the crowd in all its misery or you can begin to step aside and see that the stories are lies. 

All stories are lies because they are not happening right now.  To be in the moment is to be in the Truth, but it cannot be talked about or shared, it can only be IN.  You will usually find those in the Present Moment with a smile on their face while others around are frowning and miserable.  The Present Moment is effortless, you don’t have to be any certain way and nothing has to change to be in IT (check right now just look around you what has to change to be in the Moment you are In?  Be Honest with yourself).  It is perfect unto itself.  But don’t tell that to the “frownies” who are looking at how horrible the past was and how awful the future will be (and they turn on the TV to show you how terrible it is now) because they can’t see the moment they are IN and it will only make them more crazy if you tell them they are in (Present Moment/Heaven) what they can’t See.

But for some of you … you are beginning to wake up and say … what have “I” been believing (look for the “I” (this is a repetitive step you don’t want to miss).  “I” have been telling myself a story of who I am and I have no idea who I am (are “you” the thoughts/stories? … if you are bring me a thought … bring me a story and prove it is true, how can you make a story “real?”).  And then others are telling me who I am … but if I don’t’ know who I am … then how can they possibly know who I am.  No one can tell you who you Are.  You must investigate for yourself.

If you need a bit of a refresher … check out “Clean Slate Revisited.” 

Yesterday on Facebook someone had removed their pictures and it was a reminder that we really are empty of ourselves, of our stories anytime that we just STOP and shut the f*ck up.  Really STOP.  Look for yourself.  In that quiet Stillness, who is there?  Who is looking out the eyes.

So this is your ASSKICKING for the day.  If you Hear it as it is meant to be Heard then smiles abound.


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