Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Search For Peace

When I got back from the walk this morning where there was the thought “The search for peace is in avoidance of the violence with in you.”  I walked out of the house to go paint and these Martial arts people had these spears in their hands and they were lunging them at each othger and I just started to smile and laughed…it juust seemed so perfectly comical.  Violent…just being in touch with the violence that is in this DNA or body or wherever it comes from…gives it no power really … violence and anger…like it has been said…just energy…labeled energy…but if that energy is avoided or one seeks to fix it…it makes it real and then doesn’t just natural dissapiate because it is kept alive.

True already...any search for away from it.  You are in do not have to physically die to rest in Peace.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

True Peace Cannot Be Disturbed.

"Excuse me...I didn't mean to disturb the peace."

True Peace Cannot Be Disturbed.
This was what was coming through today while sitting quietly at a coffee house in Weed, CA. Was sitting in Meditation with the eyes open...which doesn't happen often...yet today it did. Was looking at the very nicely colored and textured wall ...which looks like a slate type of green. There was an intense calm and stillness though there was much going on in the is lunch time and things sounded busy but quickly fell to the background.
One might think that looking at a wall is boring and it very well could be...however was filled with shapes and lights and shadows coming through from the passing cars on the road. As the attention remained focused on the wall in front...people could be seen from the perpherial vision and then thoughts would arise wondering if it was weird to see someone sitting like this...those thoughts would pass by just as the people did. And the attention is directed to what everything arises In. What is seeing out of the eyes.
Again the thought appeared...True Peace Cannot be Disturbed.
There wasn't an awareness at the time that there would be an example though many did come...Peace does not change with the Phenomenal world...True Peace...if the attention is on the resting Place and then one comes from that Place...the Place of Peace (which is not a place).
Words are heard that a car is parked incorrectly and will be towed. There are thoughts that say..."that is your car...what will you do?" Eventually the person arrives and asks "is that your car out there parked on the side of the curb?" The hands come down in Namaste. The head turns, the thoughts are "what will you do?" She asks again, is that your car...the head nods...she says "the manager is going to have it towed, you have to move it" The head nodds again and the body slowly gets up...walks out to the car...moves it...comes back in...sits down and the Bell rings signaling the end of Meditation.
True Peace Cannot be Disturbed.

One is Always in Meditation.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Yesterday I watched a Nova Documentary on the next best thing and they were showing the latest in robots. It went from R2D2 and C3PO to a fully facial functioning man. If you were sitting next to him you would not know there is nobody inside. He even speaks and answers questions just like I do.

How would I know that I am not a computer robot? Who would I ask? How would I know they weren't programmed to give me the same automated response that I am giving you now.

You can't ... Eventually you will find that no outside answer will satisfy the burning question of "Who am I?". And only you can ask it of yourself and only you can sit and wait as it is revealed to you.

You do not need to be afraid it has always been this way. You are very well taken care of...a highly advanced imitation of who you Are. And you are left with the only question that ever need be asked of ones Self.

"who am I?"


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

RUNNING (To or From Emotions)

The "I" thought (who you think you are) is always running to or from an emotion...because the "I" thought takes one away from the Now moment.  The "I" thought is telling a story about something that has happened in the past and or will happen in the future.  But if you take a moment to look at can one be out of the moment they are in?  It can't really happen...there is no future or past...there is only a story about a "future" or "past."

It seems simple huh and it really is that simple.  However, don't be fooled by the power of the are already thinking about this instead of just having the "ah ha" that it brings that to be in the Present cannot think about is the thinking that takes the Awareness off the Present Moment.  

Begin listening when you hear the thought "I."  Just begin to admit that it may not be true.  That you don't need an "I" to exist.  You don't need a story to be who you are always being who you are.  Emotions keep one running after thoughts.  Without a story about what the emotion is...there would only be raw emotion.  But if you start telling a story about I feel sad because so so did something to me the other day and I don't like so and so...if you tell the story about sadness then you keep the emotion alive and going...but you could just as well not tell a story about it...feel the emotion and don't call it anything...just raw emotion "feel it" then it just comes like a wave ... rises up ... and fades away.  It is the same with good love and don't have to tell stories about them either.  Just be it.

You are beginning to see that your thoughts are not important.  They don't do or change anything...they are always in the past because you aren't in the Present Moment if you are thinking about it.  It will become more and more easy to just relax and not understand what all this means.  The less you think about it the more you are in It.

If you find a good story running a line on that you keep wanting to the middle of it just say to yourself ""  Take a breath and no that whatever you are thinking about is insignificant...that you have never had an important thought in all your life and that actually you have no idea where thoughts even come from and utimately that you have no idea who you are.  You cannot stop thinking from happening but you can begin to see through thought.  So that your attention is on what doesn't move.  Then the thoughts are just clouds in the sky.  They just drift by.

"I" am not who "I" think I am...and neither are you.

If it can be is not who you Are.

Spiritual Vitamin for June 6th (You are not who you think you are)