Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank You

Yesterday, Wayneji and Kayemomma came over and we had very nice BBQ together. Unlike Matthew and his finding ways to speak. There were no words to our toast although there are a million thank yous for which to raise a glass to Wayneji.

Thank you Wayneji for Speaking and being who you Are. Thank you for serving this Country. I know it has taken a long time for this one to see the Military as something to be thankful for. It has been a long gradual shift. It seems we do need to be protected from ourselves and you do it...some how you do it in a way that we aren't even aware that it is...until we are somehow reminded of how we got where we are. Stillness IZ...even in war. Or maybe it is more like war is in Stillness.

Thank you for coming over and sharing a meal with us. And Kayemomma thank you so much for helping getting it ready! And for those of you looking to the picture on the right ... that yummers t-shirt that Wayneji has on is made by our Yara.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oahu, HI (part 1)

As I promised yesterday, here is a picture of Kayemomma (and her swim coach, Jensen) at her first swim lesson yesterday morning. She did really good and by the end of todays lesson was swimming underwater and coming up to breath without stopping her swimming. Maybe we will practice some more before we leave tomorrow.

It is very hard to believe that our trip will be over already. It has been a very full experience. We have eaten at many wonderful restaurants and have flown through the air

...learned how to surf,

and I've gotten a tatoo!!!

It's getting I'm turning in for some rest!

Thank you Wayneji, Kayemomma, Wealeskers and Tman...for making this trip so amazing!

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