Monday, January 6, 2014



April 7th

In the domain of Truth …
if you go looking for Proof …
you overlook Truth.

There is no proof in the world of the Truth

because the world is in it.

However, as you begin to stop looking for "proof" that this is so,
you no longer carry it as a weight to be discovered

and the dropping of the weight reveals the discovery of the Truth.

Then you will see
that you couldn't search for what you are in.

and the validation of this begins to show up everywhere.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


This can be one of the most important questions of your lifetime.  The assumption that there is “someone” to whom the thoughts come to and arise for … is a lie and it is a lie that is inadvertently perpetrated by most everyone you know. 

Thoughts do not arise for anyone … they just arise … if you pay attention to them they strengthen, if you don’t they disappear.

As you pay less and less attention to them you begin to become aware of what they arise IN.  This Awareness becomes stronger and the attention gets placed on the Awareness more and more fully, until you begin to see that you cannot be the thoughts. 

Once this discovery is made, you become Aware of the Self.  The Self that everyone is IN.  There is no out of it; however, very few are Aware that they are IN it (because it is not an “It” – there are no attributes to Awareness).

Awareness of Self becomes the Sanctuary until such time that a Sanctuary is no longer needed and Self is the only Thing (that is not a thing) that remains.

That you are reading this is proof enough that you are ready to begin to come from the Awareness of Self as opposed to coming from an idea of an individual and separated self.

The assignment for today:  Anytime that you hear the word “I” in regards to you or anyone – you replace it with “who.”  No as a question, as a replacement to both the question and the answer.

You change your assumption from that in which there is an “I” that exists (Blind Faith for this day will serve you well), to one in which the “I” thought doesn’t.  You keep the assumption that doesn’t exist and that you have been unknowingly lied to by most everyone in your life - since the day you were born.  Just like they have been.

Again, you meet the word “I” with “who.”

Soon you will not need Blind Faith or proof that this is so.  However it takes a bit of Blind Faith and Vigilance in the beginning for the Self to be Revealed.  It has been covered over for Centuries and although it can be Revealed in an instant, it usually takes a bit of probing and investigation into the non-existence of the “I” before it is Seen to be so.

Any and all reports of what is discovered is welcome here.

You are being most delicately unraveled.



April 6, 2013


Everyone likes the “good” feelings, but the ones that are not so good “feeling” like rejection are quickly moved away from (if not by most than at least it has been the experience here) that when a feeling that isn’t labeled as “good” appears - there is a moving (in a sense) away from it.  

Lately, however, the focus has been on “staying a little longer in the un-comfortableness.”

Rejection is usually something that makes one move away from the un-comfortableness.  It seems heart-breaking to be rejected right?  Like when the feeling of rejection comes up, it is as if it is a personal attack on the character, that we aren’t good enough or what we are so proud of isn’t good enough, some variation of not good enough.  However, rejection also comes to serve as a great gift, if one allows it.  Nothing teaches quicker than a broken heart and the deepest teaching comes not from attempting to repair it, but allowing it to be broken.  And rejection can be a darn good heart-breaker.  

Not fixing a broken heart goes against the grain of conditioning to do that, however the grain of conditioning is one of making a hard shell so that one doesn’t get hurt, where as, allowing the heart break of rejection and disappointment, keeps the heart open and raw - Alive.  Yes, it is tender and yes it does hurt for some time, but it is Alive, it is not hardened in a box and dead, afraid of what might come and attack its fortress.

Rejection also reveals the depth of an attachment to something.  The more rejection stings, the more you are able to see that you are holding on to something and that may not be serving to hold on to.  Maybe you are holding on to a belief that isn’t serving you, a person, a product or a dogma.  

If you are really fully Alive - in Love with something (beyond belief or proof), then rejection has very little power.  But if you are doubtful or not sure of something and someone rejects what you come to them with, then it or you - will fall apart.  

If what you are coming towards one with is fully Alive in you, without doubt, without question, than rejection doesn’t mean anything.  You are not out to prove anything, you are just being how you are being and bringing that into the world and if it is accepted great and if not - that is okay too.

Recently, a rejection made something more obvious, something that has many times been overlooked – however,  rejection allowed for the possibility to see it in another way.  There is an example called “Finger Waving” from a book called “The Primer” by Wayne Austin.  It speaks about when the attention is placed on the object over what the object is in.  Let’s use the domain of Truth, if one were attempting to convince another that they are IN Truth and the person hearing it didn’t believe what was being said, and rejected it as a possibility, but the one that was sharing it was not grounded (in a sense) in their Knowing, they may attempt to go on to convince the other that it is true.  However, one that Knows that it is True, is not attempting to convince anyone of how things Are, that would be silly  They have the attention not on the finger (person or rejection) but on what it all appears IN and in that there is no one to convince of anything or reject or take personal.  

It has taken a long, long time for the Knowing of the “finger waving” to appear.  For a long time, there were just attempts to understand it and waving the finger in front of the face and why wont this work, what is being pointed too?  However, once you grasp that the finger is in IT (where you are pointed) and that the gaze can be placed upon THAT which the finger is in - in any moment; then the world is seen as the finger.  The universe is the finger.  Anything that can be experienced is the finger waving, distracting from what all of that appears IN.  

The attention can easily, once it is Seen, can be trained to be placed upon what all that (finger, world, universe, movement) appears IN.  It doesn’t mean that rejection still wont hurt; but it is allowed to hurt, for one is willing to be hurt, because the attention is placed on what “hurt” appears IN.

Be willing to have your heart broken, again and again and again.”  
~Wayne Austin

Wednesday, January 1, 2014



This can be radical to the way we have been taught to be in the world; to not care about thoughts in a world where what we “think” is given so much importance.  If someone were to come up to you and say “I don’t care what you think” you might become offended as if it is a personal attack and yet … you are not what you “think” and we are going to take a look at how this is possible.

Let’s use the thought “I am wonderful.”  First, do you have any idea where it came from?  If you do not know where it came from then how can you take it personal if someone else doesn’t “care” about it.  You cannot be the thought “I am wonderful” if you didn’t create it, but was only aware of it.  Now, if you can slow down enough to put the attention onto what is “Aware” of the thought “I am wonderful” you can you begin to see something here that you didn’t before.  You can see that if you are Aware of the thought, you cannot actually be the thought.

You may now see that you are not the thought “I am wonderful” and since you aren’t sure where it came from … let’s come from the Awareness of the thought and look at the thought itself “I am wonderful.”  Who is the “I?”  If one is not the thought, but one is Aware of the thought, who is the “I” referring too?

The more this is looked at … the less power the thought “I” has in making you believe that you are what can be thought.  If the thought “I” is seen as false then the word “Who” becomes revealing.  The thought “who?” does not need you to care about it; the thought “I” does.  “Who?” clears the thoughts to the revealing of what is Aware of the thoughts.  “I” creates a sense of an individual and separateness from what is Aware of the thought “I.”  

All thoughts that come can either be clung to by keeping the “I” thought as real or dissipated by replacing “I” with “Who?” which clears all thoughts and leaves only the Awareness of what is actually happening.

For today, do not care about what is thought.  Watch them come and watch them go.  When you see a thought that says “I am so wonderful” question “who” to that “I” not expecting an answer, just as a referencing back onto the thought itself.  “Who is so wonderful?”  “I am.”  “Who am I?”  Let the circle be there, the circle leads one to discover that it cannot be understood; it has to be left alone.  This is where the watching/Witnessing comes in, you simply watch all of the thoughts come and go and if you are believing a thought is real, question it with “who?”  To whom do these thoughts come?  The impetus at first will always be to say “I/me” but you are not a thought “I/me” so use it as another opportunity to drop the thought “I/me” and be empty in “who?”  Eventually, it will apparent and when someone says to you, “I don’t care what you think,” you will agree.  :o)