Thursday, August 12, 1999


It does not matter which form You take ~ I will recognize You anywhere.
I see You within the eyes of everyOne ~ I close my Own and there You are gently reminding me of who I am.
My lies are no longer deceiving ~ to think they ever were makes me smile and laughter falls upon my heart in Joy knowing that I could not hide forever.
We meet as One and I remember that I never was that which I thought.
Your certainty embraces me and fear dissolves ~ I melt in Your pool of serenity and find that everything is nothing and nothing is everything.
My thoughts fade away as my heart opens and is filled to overflowing ~ reaching to the ends of a reality that never was.

I hear You ~ yet never a word heard by ears ~ which only think they hear.
Your song carries me so far within that I am contained no longer in a body ~ taken to a freedom that is without any limitation.
How I love You ~ only You know what this means ~ only You know how far this extends ~ only You know the pureness of a heart that has never been touched by anything but Truth ~ only You know the completeness of being One ~ and I am at peace because You know me ~ and I am at peace knowing I am You.