Friday, July 26, 2013


“The greatest barrier to discovery is not ignorance … 
it is the illusion of knowledge.”

You have been spoon fed for so long through schooling and books and television and Internet so much information that you do not know how to discover anything for yourself.  Become your own project and discover who you are by your own investigation; not by what you have been told through learning.  There is nothing wrong with learning, in that it can help you get around in the world, but be wise with what you come to believe about what you learn.  You don’t want to buy into anything too rigidly.  

An open mind is one that doesn’t become fearful of knowledge but brings light to knowledge.  It’s not about going out and fighting a system but to begin to step out of it so one can see it.  How can you see what you are in, when you are in it.  So you step outside of the norms of life, you do not accept that everything is how you have believed it to be, you allow the possibility that you maybe wrong about what you think, feel and believe and then begin to watch the world from an “outside” view…not as a good or bad, you just begin to view it like you would a project or an investigation.  You begin to watch yourself and the world as an “unknown.”  And then begin to see if what is being shared about you and about the world you live in…is true.  Look at your life and see if it reflects what you are being told.  The news will tell you that only bad things happen…but how often do you actually “see” a bad thing happen for yourself?  

One must begin to step out of the boxes they put themselves in?  One goes in a box so that they “look” like they “fit in” the world.  Those boxes are all the things that you say that you are…what your religion is, what your nationality is, what your country is, what your beliefs about anything is…all of them are boxes to make you feel like you are safe in the crowd, but what is a box but a coffin and the more boxes you have the more layers you have been buried in.

What is it that draws one to being in a box…a coffin?  It is the fear of standing alone…at least in a graveyard there are others seemingly there; but if you get out of the casket you are alone.  To be willing to live outside of boxes one must first face fear.  The fear of being alone, of being misunderstood, of being outcasted, and ultimately of death.  If you face the latter first the rest naturally begin to fall away.  How does one do this?  Take off a box and see if you are willing to die.  If you are religious…drop your religion for a time maybe even just an hour (you can pick it back up later) however become willing for even God to disown you, be willing to die and not know what will happen…you don’t anyway you just believe that you know…but beliefs don’t make things real…they just make boxes.  If you are married, be willing to not know what marriage is, it doesn’t mean you go and leave your spouse or get divorced, it just means that you don’t know what it is.  You have been told what marriage is…but what is it really, what is it to you, has it become a box or is it something that stimulates your growth, these are investigations for you to look into and not even your spouse can do that for you.  Those are two big ones but if even a slight bit of fear comes up to even look at it; you might begin to see the box you have put yourself in and in this, fear becomes a friend, a tool you can use to gauge how deeply you have dug yourself in.  You can use anything, if you believe you are “Human” look into that box…what actually is a human or is it just a label placed on a body because one doesn’t actually know who or what one is.  Do you really know who you are?  That is a genuine question to ask?  You may think that it is more comfortable to assume that you know all these things, because you have learned them…and everyone seems to agree that they are true, but comfort leads to stagnation and a very unfulfilling life.  

It’s not that one shouldn’t be comfortable it is about becoming aware of the unknown, which leads to vibrancy, energy and stimulation, creativity, you begin to see that you don’t ever know what is going to happen, but it becomes obvious and beautiful that you don't.  You aren’t rushing to put everything back in place attempting know how everything should be.  You begin to experience life as it actually is; without any beliefs or boxes or coffins to rest in and to rely.  You become extremely close to the present moment; the one that you are in but continuously overlook.  You become more childlike, you didn’t have to know how to be a child to be one. Your parents didn’t know how to be a parent and to raise a child and yet they did and if you are honest and have children you don’t either, but you don’t need to know, you just become aware of yourself and watch what it is like for “you” not anyone else but “you” to be a child, a adult, and a parent.  You begin to Trust the river of life without boxes, without conformity, without having to pretend to be someone.

Every once in a while for some length of time step away from the TV, the Internet and then when you bring them back pay attention to what you watch on TV and look for on the Internet, pay attention to what you are feeding yourself with information.  As you do these things you become more clear in yourself, you begin to know who you are more intimately, no one is going to have this life experience for you, so don’t waste it on what someone else has lived.  Take the best from every experience, yet have your own.

Take chances and have fun!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


(Writing is in response to a conversation in Music class on Sexism)

The following is not necessarily about changing your mind it's about opening to all possibilities.  There are things to be seen about written “History” because people take things so literally and if we first begin to look at “words” themselves then we might be able to see something about history so that it doesn’t write itself on our minds so deeply and so engrained that it eliminates all other possibilities. 

Wrote a Newsletter about “WORDS” and used a lot of words to attempt to reveal to the reader that words really only have the meaning we give to them … yet ultimately are not “real” in themselves.  Words are just letters that we use to “attempt” to communicate with one another but true communication comes from the energy the words ride on.  

Spent a great many many years looking at words because at a young age it was revealed that they are not real … they are made up by humans but you do not need them to be human … even human … is just a word.  

You might like to take a look at the newsletter for a bit more back ground on this … it is the same with math and time and maps, this is not to say there is nothing wrong with them ... they are great tools to use in this world … however, we are trained from when we are very little children to believe in man-made things but not what man itSelf is made of (first things first :o).  

Was over 30 years old when it was pointed out that there is no such thing as California or New Jersey or America … they are all concepts … they are lines drawn on land and in Truth they mean nothing … and Native Americans (some not all) knew this Chief Sealth (that is a link to a very good sharing by him) spoke of it to the President, but things take a long time to change and be seen sometimes but just because you draw a line on a map and everyone agrees about the line…doesn’t make the line real…it is still just drawn in the sand (literally) and will eventually be washed away by life, ultimately.

Back to History (which has been called “His Story” because it is told by the ones invested in telling it), history is sort of like a make believe and is only valid by the ones that believe it and usually is used to serve some kind of point that one wants to make.  Unless you were there you will not ever really know what went on and even if you are there you only see it from your point of view with the foundation of your own opinions ideas and life experiences written upon what you see … no one really has a clear view of something happening because their life is written on it.  You would actually have to be clear and free from who you “think” you are to write History accurately and even then you would have to be above the situation and seeing it from a broader view or you are not writing it from the standpoint of everyone but only from a select few/view.  So History really is lies … not bad lies…just made up … usually to the best of that one’s ability….people don’t try to lie they just don’t know they are. 

Sex is what makes the world go round … we would not be here (seemingly) without it.  There is an intense energy to procreate to keep the species of “human” going.  No Sex … no body to be in.  This is probably one of the fears humans have of same sex stuff cause if everyone only wanted the same sex then we wouldn’t be here or we would have to change the way we are here … like the body would have to find another way to procreate … the one thing you will find about life is that it is very adaptable.  

That may be the fear around "same-sex" sex that comes for some - that there is no way to compete with the same sex so it might also scare people that they may not be able to get any sex if everyone starts wanting the same sex and they don’t. :o)  

More food for thought about fear and same sex stuff.  

Nothing can hold you down ... it doesn’t matter what your color, your gender, your sex preference is … you will break through just like those before you have if that is what is meant to happen ... doesn’t mean that everyone gets too … if everyone was meant to ... then it wouldn’t be the miracle that it is.  However, everyone shines some how and in some way and you don’t have to find how you shine … you let it be revealed to you.

The women’s movement is a war … there are all kinds of wars in the world and if you want something to fight about you can pick from a million different things.  Because in this world we are not equal … we are not supposed to be equal … our differences and limitations are the Gift that we get to experience ourSelf as different … however at the CORE of us is the SAME.  

Back to war … one of the wars in this world is is the women’s movement.  This is not to say there is anything wrong with it … war is a way of one person gathering many to fight for something they want ... something they think they don’t have.  When you want something in this world … usually you have to fight for it.  

Wanting and fighting are in the same domain.  

Wanting is saying “I don’t have” and fighting is saying “give it to me ... you have what I want.” 

If you want something bad enough you will go to war for it.  So do you want to feel held down … and have a fight to get up … if you are in a female body you can say that being a woman holds you back and you can go out and attempt to prove it and find all kinds of validation for your war.  

What you seek you find.  

However, you are being offered a different way of being in the world, that if you stop coming from being a man or a woman and coming from the Place/Space of not even being human (because you can see how even using “being human” has made us at war with the other animals of the planet, look who thinks they are at the top of the food chain), you can begin to discover what woman, man, human, animal appear IN. 

If you begin to discover who you really Are, then there can be no discrimination of any kind about you.  You can stand in yourself in any situation and know that nothing can be said about you … to describe you.  You can hear any word called at you and yet none of them are you so they don’t stick.  

It doesn’t mean that words will no longer hurt or that people will stop treating people poorly, but you will see the lie of what they do and say.  You will begin to read history and appreciate the trials of others but you will not take it as a literal truth, you will know that you cannot know everything, but that what animates you does and whatever you need to know will be revealed to you.

Ultimately, Everything Serves

We have been so used to being spoon fed everything that we don’t stop and take the time to look for ourselves.  You can read until you are about to blow up from information, but do you check to yourself for things.  

Do you ask yourself in quiet moments what is it all for?  

Who am I?  

How did I get here? 
Am I here?  :o)))))

Do you have the kind of personality that is willing to “not” know everything?

So many want to solve the Mystery, instead of just being in it and yet it is the being in IT, that brings the greatest JOY. :o)

Have just used a bunch of “words” (lies) to point you to what cannot be said. :o)  

Maybe you will get glimpses of it … imagine you already have ... that you have had glimpses of what cannot be worded or named or made a concept of … but That which is always and forever Present.

You get the gift right now of being in a body and you get to experience all the things it is capable of experiencing … enjoy it … if you want to feel like you are held back because of it … enjoy that too.  
Or you can begin to reveal to yourself and others that it is like a really cool car that you have been Gifted with and get to drive around in and check out what this planet is like.   Then you are a bubble of light for others (which you already are) and you help others to not to take things so seriously and enjoy the fruits of those that have taken it very seriously for us … so that we can help make it Lighter for others.

Thanks for sparking this writing.

One leaves the battleground once they discover they are already in everything one could ever want.  :o)

Links that maybe anyone that is interested might feel like writing some history of their own or if you know a Veteran that might be willing to share.