Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Learning and UnLearning

Learning and UnLearning
There is nothing in this world that can't be learned.  You can learn to ride a bike, drive a car, you can learn one language or 20 languages.   Everything is already set up for you to discover as long as it is in this world.  

When Einstein brought to our awareness the "Theory of Relativity and Light" it wasn't because he created them.  It was because he discovered what was already there and had the ability to relay that information on to us in a way that we can use the brain (our computer) to understand.  Though for many it took decades to unlearn what had been learned.

We have become conditioned to use the brain to understand things in this world 
and we think we can use this tool to know who we are.  What is missed in this "thinking" is the possibility that who we are (who we think we are) the mind, brain, thoughts are actually in.  The true "You" is what they all appear in, but you/the mind cannot see that because you are attempting to use the brain/mind/computer and not what the brain/mind/computer is used know.

Another way of saying this is how would you tell a computer that it is a computer?  You could type code and tell it ... it is a computer, but how would the computer understand what it is, it could only have concepts of what it is to be a computer but it could not actually know itself to be a computer because, without you, it doesn't exists.  Without a user the computer is just a body/a piece of machinery/an empty vessel.  

This is how it is for the Self, which I/You/Mind/Body are in.  The Self, knowobviously, that it can only use what is in the mind (i.e. language, art, computers, nature, etc. it uses everything that is in the mind) to point back to it's Self.  If you go forward in any direction to look for yourSelf...if you are looking for what one calls "god/self" out in the is endless...there are infinite ways you can travel and spend you life, lives looking for what you are In.

So when you find yourself searching or wanting answers or looking for a way in or a way out.  Just take a moment to STOP.  Just Stop.  And allow the possibility that you are In and that there is no Out.  Allow the possibility that you will not ever understand this with the mind, with thinking, but that you can Know it.  You can know it beyond reason, beyond intellect.  

Or just relax and enjoy the's all for you anyway.

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