Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Since it's Halloween and a time where we openly talk about blood and gore and scary things that make us want to shut our seems like as good a times as any to speak to something that maybe one hasn't paid attention too or even known.   When TV shows like "Walking Dead" are very much loved and ranked as the #1 television show...what is shared here shouldn't come as too much of a surprise...but maybe it will.

Vampires are known for their longevity because they drink fresh blood...even in the Walking Dead...the dead don't eat the dead they only eat the living.  

Oddly enough, most humans only eat the dead.
 (Have you ever thought about that.)

Maybe why we die so young now from heart attacks and cancer isn't because of anything more than our desire for rotting flesh.  Sounds gross to hear it that way...well it did to me...haven't looked at the meat section in a grocery store the same since.  

We have ended up in some of the strangest eating habits maybe of all this is the first time in history that one could keep food cold for long periods of time (refrigeration)...hence keep meat cold...hence eating rotting flesh.

Not only are we eating rotting flesh but then we are also eating animals that we don't treat very well, and have disease and mistreatment and then you are taking into your body the energy of that animal.  Animals have the same energy animating as you and me.  

History has recorded that tribes would eat members of their tribes and even kill members of other tribes to imbue that energy into themselves.  So one would imagine they would want to bring into the body the energy of something that was treated well...not mass produced and pretty much tortured.  Could you imagine your pet, if you have one being treated the way chickens, cows and pigs are just to get to our table?  

There is intelligence in these animals, after spending time with them...the same energy that animates me and you are in them.  This is not being said to scare anyone.  This is being said for Awareness to be aware of oneself.  Aware of what you are doing.  What you are putting into the vehicle (body) that drives you around this planet.

If you were told that the fuel that you put in your car would cause the engine to fail, would you continue to use that fuel?  The same could be said about the blood and flesh of animals.

This is not an activist story...but it is a story of becoming Aware.

This topic is not one that usually makes friends in fact it sometimes makes them disappear (eeeeeeeeeek :o)

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Learning and UnLearning

Learning and UnLearning
There is nothing in this world that can't be learned.  You can learn to ride a bike, drive a car, you can learn one language or 20 languages.   Everything is already set up for you to discover as long as it is in this world.  

When Einstein brought to our awareness the "Theory of Relativity and Light" it wasn't because he created them.  It was because he discovered what was already there and had the ability to relay that information on to us in a way that we can use the brain (our computer) to understand.  Though for many it took decades to unlearn what had been learned.

We have become conditioned to use the brain to understand things in this world 
and we think we can use this tool to know who we are.  What is missed in this "thinking" is the possibility that who we are (who we think we are) the mind, brain, thoughts are actually in.  The true "You" is what they all appear in, but you/the mind cannot see that because you are attempting to use the brain/mind/computer and not what the brain/mind/computer is used know.

Another way of saying this is how would you tell a computer that it is a computer?  You could type code and tell it ... it is a computer, but how would the computer understand what it is, it could only have concepts of what it is to be a computer but it could not actually know itself to be a computer because, without you, it doesn't exists.  Without a user the computer is just a body/a piece of machinery/an empty vessel.  

This is how it is for the Self, which I/You/Mind/Body are in.  The Self, knowobviously, that it can only use what is in the mind (i.e. language, art, computers, nature, etc. it uses everything that is in the mind) to point back to it's Self.  If you go forward in any direction to look for yourSelf...if you are looking for what one calls "god/self" out in the is endless...there are infinite ways you can travel and spend you life, lives looking for what you are In.

So when you find yourself searching or wanting answers or looking for a way in or a way out.  Just take a moment to STOP.  Just Stop.  And allow the possibility that you are In and that there is no Out.  Allow the possibility that you will not ever understand this with the mind, with thinking, but that you can Know it.  You can know it beyond reason, beyond intellect.  

Or just relax and enjoy the's all for you anyway.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

You Are Nameless.

(Artwork by Tony Santana)

You come from the Nameless and return to the Nameless and are in the Nameless while you read this.  How does one go about seeing this for their self   You can start by imagining a baby.  When it is has no name, no matter what name you put on it, that is not how it was born.  It/you were born nameless because where you came from has no name.  But people identify strongly with their name because they are programmed since birth to believe that it has something to do with who they are.  But a name doesn't make a person something, a name is just a way of separating you from everyone else.

Maybe I was lucky cause I didn't ever really like my name, when I was 13 I changed it to Daki, which you see in the Graffiti above.  I went by that name for a brief while, but it helped me to see something, something I hadn't before I changed it.  I thought I was "Joy." I thought I was the name and that that name had stories and experiences attached to it that I didn't want at that time, there was a lot of pressure with a name that has such meaning in this world.  To be happy or joyful, which I was not often either of those things growing up.

However, I went back to the name Joy and though I didn't like it and resisted it for many years following, it has been a bringer of the deepening in knowing/Realizing that I am not my name.  The resistance to it showed me that I am not it and led me deeper into...if I am not my name...then who am I?

Then myTeacher entered my life and after a few years he gave me the name "Joysters."  I loved/love this first I took to it like whole new being.  I was going to create the "Joysters."  And to some extent that did happen...there was an identifying with the new name of "Joysters" and the story about "Joysters" in the world and what she was doing and learning and so what ended up happening was just another version of "Joy" sure it was a happier "Joy" an alternative to the Joy that had been unhappy, but it was just the opposite of the same coin.  Since you don't see what you are in when you are in it and luckily myTeacher saw what I had done and he helped me to see what I had done, not in telling me what I had done but by stripping me of what I had done.... he stopped calling me Joysters.  And I went through a long period of sadness because I had become attached to that name "Joysters" and all the wonderful things that I enjoyed under that name.  But this sadness brought another gift to my door, though it did take quite some time of resisting losing this name, once the resistance was gone, I began to See that I am Nameless.

I am what comes before all names.  

This gift was/is so lovingly given to me, even though I fought tooth and nail to keep what wasn't real, it was still given and that is what this writing is, my opportunity to give what was/is given freely.  That you have the ability to Know yourSelf...not as a name, not as a body, but what the name and body appear in.

You are Nameless always and forever.

Many Are Called, few choose to Listen.

This morning during Meditation, the thoughts appeared to write for the Tidbit on the Nothing To Learn website "The Observer is the Observed."  Which happened, also though the thought appeared for tomorrow's Tidbit..which rarely happens but it did and it was "Many Are Called, few choose to Listen."  

Those were the Tidbits and I don't usually know what will be said under those headings or any Tidbit headings until the writing of them occurs.  What usually happens is that I will open up the website and put in the heading and then go "Google" a picture   I usually find great pictures so it's become the habit to do it this way and then to write whatever comes up...not always this way but usually.

Today when I went to look up a picture for "Many are Called" I came across a website/blog that caught my eye, seemingly because he was a photographer.  I opened the link and it told this story of the photographer, Eric John Kim and his relationship with a gentlemen Bailey that was a greeter for the company he worked for.  The title of the blog was "Many are called but few choose to listen."  After reading this story, I was so touched by the obviousness of "The Observer is the Observed."  As it came in direct line  and as complete confirmation that what is coming through valid and to be investigated fully.  And not only investigated but shared.

Life is full of surprise and mystery.  So now I am going to write to Eric and share with him how this circle has been followed back to the source and see where he is at now that there has been some time and space from his conversation and seemingly Life Changing Event with Bailey.  Because there were two parts to his where his is directed to go out into the world and create with his photography and the other is directed into himself, where "we" all reside as that Silent/Still/Observer of itSelf.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fear and not knowing.

Fear and not knowing go hand and hand.  You can check this out for yourself.  The next time you are afraid about something, look and see if it is because you don't know what is going to happen or you are certain you know what is going to you see that you actually don't know, however, you fear that you do know. 

Fear thrives on the past and the future but cannot exist in the now.  Instinctual/body fear yes...but emotional fear, cannot.  All one has to do is bring the attention back to the present moment to see that this is true.  In the present moment is the fear/worry/concern that you are experiencing actually happening or are you only thinking about it happening?  Is it right in front of you?  Can you touch it?  Can you smell it?  If you can't then  it is not happening and it is a lie.

Sometimes it takes a lot of reminding oneself that all psychological fears, worries and concerns are just distractions from the present moment which is Peace, real Peace, not the peace that comes and goes depending on a situation, but the Peace that passes understanding.  The closer one gets to the present moment, the more Aware one becomes of the Peace that they are in.

These are not things that can be given to you, you have to investigate for yourself.  Again, the way to investigate is to just stop.  Whatever you are doing just stop.  Take a look around you.  A slow, calm, look around you.  Is there anything actually happening?  Is anything that you are thinking actually happening?  If it is then be afraid.  If it isn't ... have a smile.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Only Thing That I Know...Is That I Don't Know.

It was said to me that I come off like I know so much, but that actually I am wrong about everything.  Not just one thing or some things but everything.  

At first this was heard like I had to do something about it, oh no!  I am wrong about everything how can I fix that.  But then something started to dawn from it.  I don't ever know.  I may think that I know about something, I may think that I know what I am going to type next...but so often I find that I am wrong.  If you are reading this then you can check for yourself.  How often do you go to sleep at night with all these plans that you are going to get all these things done and you wake up the next day and none of them happen.  Now I am not saying that is always the case.  However, for me, I find it is the case more often than not...that I am doing things during my day that I had not only not planned but had not even thought about and the things that had to get done usually do, but not necessarily in "my" time-frame.

The first time that this came to my awareness was back in like 1998 when I took a philosophy class...I had just moved to Arizona in a very strange way...I had a dream.  Not just your regular old wake up in the morning thinking "well that was a nice dream."  I had a dream like none before and none since and the dream said "YOU ARE GOING TO SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA!"  I have no way to describe it other than it was to the core of my being.  I didn't even know where Scottsdale AZ was ... I had two young children, my significant other, Mark and I both worked full-time jobs and he even had his own company so he had two jobs, but there was nothing I could do about would not leave me alone.  I had to go.  Mark wasn't too keen on the idea but after about 3 months he saw that I was seriously going.  I wanted him to come but I didn't want him to come if he didn't want to.  Then one night he took me out to dinner and said..."guess what" and I said "what" and he said "I'm going with you."  And from there everything fell in place both of our companies laid us off and within six months we were in in Chandler and my first job was in Scottsdale.  

Which led me to my philosophy class, I enrolled in this class when I arrived in Arizona, it was a very good class that got me writing out some of the things I had experienced in life (The Voice) and started taking a deeper looking into who I thought I was.  Which for me at the time, seemed like a world of possibilities and big open skies... and it was my first introduction to Socrates.  He is still the only philosopher I would stand by and he is the only one I have fully connected with because he said one simple thing that makes so many things clear.  He said "I am wise because I know, I know nothing."  This can be heard in many ways and I have heard it throughout the years in many ways, but ultimately, what it has boiled down to for me is that I don't know what anything is for.

Whether or not I sound like I know a lot of things does not make it so, what is typed what is shared through me as Joy in this world, is received along with the typing, sharing of it.  I write what comes through so that I can see really isn't for anyone but me, however if there is someone else that receives something from it then that is great.  The things that I have come to Know, are not things that I can say.  Don't you just Know when you Know something (some call it a gut feeling), and if someone says to you well how do you say I don't know I just Know. :o)

It's a paradox and one that can bring a smile or a frown.  A smile if you are not so concerned with knowing what everything is for and a frown if you are trying to know.

My Teacher asked me to admit to the world that I don't know and this is my admittance.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Self Investigation


The investigation begins with a seemingly simple question..."Who Am I?"

One would think that this would be enough to have one delve deeper and deeper into theirSelf, however, it seems we live in a busy world where one is more concerned with where they are going and what they will get than who they are.

For the few that find themselves on this page, you are offered the gift that gives you give everything and you receive nothing. However it is not nothing like the mind understands. You receive yourself as you take this question and dig deeper than all the answers that are given in response, until you are finally sitting here with me and no answer is sought.

Begin to make this your only question. When other questions arise, that seem to demand an answer or a response give the true answer "Who?" As this becomes a way of living for you, you will begin to see that who you thought you were, was not ever in charge.

For the one that does not do this work, that will seem like a frightening lie, but for the one that has done the work, it is a rewarding Gift.

That you ask as you remember is enough.

"Who Am I?"

and patiently, silently, wait.