Sunday, January 20, 2013


This is one of the first deep reinforcements that showed up after the question “Who am I?”  Appeared.  In this world there is an answer for what one seeks, because the answer is always before the question.  You can see this by knowing that everything that you would ever want to know about the world the universe anything that can be experienced by the senses, the answer is available to every question because it all already is … so the answer must be there.  But with questions of a spiritual nature, one cannot go to the senses for the answers because the senses are in the Answer.  With the world/universe the answers are out there to be found.  With Spirituality the Answer is not in the world/universe, it is reflected there, but it is before there, there is in It.

So the statement that was gifted me by myTeacher is “It is never how or why, it is always and only, who?”.  When the “how” or “why” questions about spirituality would come up…the answer would appear “who is asking?”  And that would point one back to the question “who am I?”  And there would be a beginning again.  

Truth is not going to let the personality try and win.  The personality wants to be God.  But this is the catch 22, it is the personality that obstructs the view of God (not really, but it is a good pointer) but the personality is IN GOD and so the personality cannot be separate from GOD, but take the time to begin to see through the personality before you go claiming to Be GOD because once you See you are GOD...who would you claim it too :o).  (Ed. Note, don’t get too hooked on the word God…there are very few ways to point to that which has no Name, No-Thing to describe it, it is not knowable by words unless you are Aware of It … and IT is not and it).  

So it is the personality that is being asked to question itself.  And the great reinforcement that it actually isn’t (doesn’t exist) can begin to be Seen when anytime a “how” or “why” question appears, begin to ask “who.”  Just replace all “how” and “why” questions for awhile with “who?”  And begin to see what comes.  It takes only a little bit of willingness to begin to's been said only the size of a mustard seed.

Gentle smiles are reminders from Home.


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