Monday, December 2, 2013

YES & KNOW (Immigration)

"YES & Know"
(Illegal Immigration:  What Should We Do?)
December 2, 2013

Q&A from a Sociology Class at College of the Siskiyous, Weed, CA.

“Prejudice and discrimination continue to have dysfunctions.  They interfere with people’s welfare – from diminishment of their sense of self to inadequate nourishment and early death.” (Henslin, 2011, p.240)

Until we begin to discover that we are all the SAME at the core, nothing will actually change.  People are kept out of the country because of their seeming “differences” and people are brought in that way as well.  This has been going on since the beginning of time and it will not change just because people drop their prejudice because another will always come along.  You can see this in India … they have a caste system even though it is all people from India.  The same would happen in America, it used to be that people didn’t want you here because of your religion, now it is because of the Country you are from, next it will be because you have blue eyes and not brown.  However, if somehow, God Knows how, we all begin to see that at the Core of us is the Same thing, it is possible that it may shift something very radically or dramatically, as it did for the one that wrote “Amazing Grace.”  “I was blind but now I see.”  It is said about John Newton …

"Newton often openly mocked the captain by creating obscene poems and songs about him that became so popular the crew began to join in. He entered into disagreements with several colleagues that resulted in his being starved almost to death, imprisoned while at sea and chained like the slaves they carried, then outright enslaved and forced to work on a plantation in Sierra Leone near the Sherbro River. After several months he came to think of Sierra Leone as his home, but his father intervened after Newton sent him a letter describing his circumstances, and a ship found him by coincidence. Newton claimed the only reason he left was because of Polly (his future wife)." (“Amazing Grace”, 2013, para 4).

What was apparently seen was that what he was doing … he was doing to himself … that we are always doing it to ourSelf, that the one held prisoner is one’s Self in different “costume.”  Under the costume of bodies and beliefs about who one is, is who one IS.

Even if (which it is already happening), we become a world where there are no “boundaries” to abide by, there will still be some kind of prejudice to deal with if we do not see that the bodies are just costumes, not good or bad, just simply not who one is.  Just like if you put a costume on for Halloween and play a part it doesn’t make you that part, it just makes a player of that part.  It doesn’t mean that you throw away the costume (though you could if it no longer fit), you just discover that you are not the costume.

At the root of everyone is a seed that is planted to know theirSelf.  You would think this is simple but people spend so much time developing the character that many do not wish to know that they are not what they created.

The great thing about discovering who you Are is that you can appreciate all the costumes once you realize they are not real.  People in spirituality get caught up in the whole “this is all illusion” but what is over-looked is that it is simply the “costume” that is not real.

So back immigration, there is no simple answer, well yes there is … the simplest answer is always “Who?”  “Who” is this happening to? and following that to the Core.

However on the surface these questions of immigration will always be a problem until “who” is at the Core is discovered.  It will always be something that someone wants to keep away or out of whatever they are in.  And what one resists does persist; take a look at the things you resist, don’t they keep showing up for you?

When you discover that there is no “out” to what you are “In” then you begin to allow things to come, you are not resisting because you know the one that comes … is You (not you the personality).

People want to come to America for “The American Dream” you cannot tell what each dream is for each one that comes … they come because they want something to be different than how it currently is, some will make it and some won’t, however, the fact that we have signs on a roads such as this …
(Click HERE or photo for story about the Sign.)
reveals how desperate people have become in their lives that they would risk the lives of their family to make a change.   To be on the other side of this road saying “No!  You cannot come here” is the insanity that we currently live in.  

We do not see that it is ourSelf in another that we deny.  Ultimately, the sign the one is holding says “I am too afraid of what I will lose if I let you in.”  What is forgotten is 
“I am my Brothers Keeper.”  

My Brother’s Keeper

Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes I am
I am his voice when he can not speak
I am his strength when he is weak
Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes I am

I am his provider when he is in need
I am his arms when he can not reach
Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes I am

I am his justice when he is wronged
I am his friend when he is alone
Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes I am

I am his courage when he is afraid
I am his comforter when he is dismayed
Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes I am

I am his hope when he does not believe
I am his truth when he is deceived
Am I my brother’s keeper
Yes I am

I am his guide when he has gone astray
I am his aide if he needs help along the way
Am I my brother’s keeper
The answer is yes
I am him, I am her
I am my brother’s keeper.


(“My Brothers Keeper”, 2010)

Brother has no gender, color, creed, race, ethnicity, country, status, age, body, identity, likes and dislikes.  When you wake up (die) and discover that the one you held back, held down, maimed, killed, raped and tortured is your own Self, remember to laugh (Cosmos has a strange sense of humor.)

What will change in regard to immigration once one discovers who they truly Are, do it and we will See.


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