Friday, December 31, 2004

Already Awake

You Are What You Have Been Searching For
It's 3:02am and I just woke up from a strange dream where we were humans in a war and there were not that many people left on earth...and of the ones that were left there were three types type was the Stupid people (that's what they were called in my dream)...they were attempting to kill the people/bodies in the dream that knew that the world was not real ... (those people were called the Real Ones) they were the ones that Knew the world was not real and were here to spread that information to those that could Hear...they were sort of protected (in a sense) by the Protectors...the Protectors were those that believed in what the Real Ones revealed about the world not being real... but didn't yet Know...without the need for belief ....that the world was not real.

So there were sort of 3 types of people in my dream tonight and the first type the Stupid ones were angry and brutal...sometimes so subtley so you wouldn't know (unless you were a Real One) that they were actually a Stupid one...yet when they got info about one of the Real One's that knew that the world was not real...they would erupt in rage and attack and destroy anyone that was even remotely linked to the Real One's.

There was a woman in my dream that could explain the world was not real...but she could only explain half of it...and then there was another that could explain the other half...and if you were in the presence of the two...explaining the became so obvious that the world was not real...that you instantly became One of the Real Ones.

Then I woke up.
~Joy Surget

The Game

How about looking at life like a computer game...

The game reveals to you ways to keep the game going like clues that lead you places in the game...keep you entranced and feeling like you are getting somewhere in the game...cause in a way you get to go to the next level if you crack certain challenges...that's what challenges in a computer game do...but they don't really get you anywhere...your still sitting in your chair playing a game as if you have accomplished something...but that is the prize that is win in the game sure...but the Player...You...have not moved nor gained anything that wasn't there before you started playing.

If you've ever played a computer first of all know...that everything that you are going to do in the game has already been set up for you and done...tested by its Creator and signed and a sense the game is already over before you start playing and there is nothing you can do about that...but knowing this doesn't make you any better or less for bought the game to play it.

One of my favorites games for a while was Grand Theft Auto Vice City...good can sort of feel like you are driving the car around in the game...good I played for hours...watched my friends and family play and watched them use cheat codes to get all this extra cool stuff that is hidden in the game.... used information that is in the game to "seemingly" get places and win points...and this to me is such a good example of looking at life...cause it is set up to look like our so-called reality and is such a cool pointer as to see that maybe life as we think it real we think it is...really isn't what we think it is...

A way to say this right this body is a Joystick (no pun intend) :o) and You are playing a game but you don't have any real choices...cause it's all already set up...your choices are limited to the game. There aren't any real levels even though in this world it looks like their keeps it entertaining.

Well if I had a point in typing it I am beginning to forget now.

Oh Yes...

You are already Awake and no one can tell you that (even though I just did) one can make you believe it (it's beyond belief) You know it...whether you resist, deny or preach It...It IZ.

Signed, sealed and delivered :o)))) 

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A Story About The Search

Once upon a time, there was a person who had been searching and searching for Truth to an essential experience that had shattered its world.

It climbed to the top of mountains, it looked in the eyes of many, it called out in the day and in the night, who, who is there, who is this that is calling me, who, who, looked in books, it studied so hard, and learned so much, and yet the answer always evaded it.
Then one day, after looking and searching, it grew angry, it's them, it's not me, it's them that have caused all this confusion that keeps me from my essential experience...I will go out and show them that they are the cause of my suffering...and for years, it rants, it raves, it curses and it preaches the words that it thinks will lead it Home it has imagined is awaiting its return.
It question changes from who to, how, how can this can no one see what I see, how come I suffer so.  How come people do not fulfill my desire, work does not fulfill my desire, books do not tame this craving this thirst.
A teacher, that's what I will be...a teacher for God until I realize I am that. I will prove to them that I am a teacher and once they see it I must certainly see it it goes out and teaches all that it has learned, it's smart and it's clever, and it's sneaky and it's proud.
Yet, there is still this craving, still this desire, I think I have fooled them all yet still I am not fooled. My frustrations are suffocating me and I am tired and I am becoming bitter and old.
The thought appears again...Who? Who is tired? Who is bitter? Who is frustrated? Who is the old soul? Something is seen...
it Stops....
it looks.
The how comes can it be that there is no one here. Again, it Stops.
A smile creeps upon its face...a laughter is heard throughout the land. And a song is heard being sung...
Don't worry...
'bout a thing.
'Cause every little thing...
is gonna' be all right :o)
The End...The Beginning...