Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Recently, there was some time spent with a person that exuded emptiness.  When it was mentioned to this person, they did not seem to be aware of it and even seemed slightly intimidated by the mention of it.  Yet it was noticeably there in that moment, the person was empty of theirself, of thoughts, of noise and activity.  There was just this strong presence of Still/Emptiness.

This morning during Meditation, this Emptiness was quite apparent during the first few minutes and the thought appeared to write about it and also to see if one could point towards it.  There is a song by Dave Matthews called “The Space Between” and it showed up as a way to point.  The lyrics point towards the Stillness/Emptiness between actions, between words, between thoughts and that is what is hiding waiting for you.  When the song stops, that is the Emptiness, that moment between sound and no sound, the Emptiness is there between the thoughts, when there is a pause and the longer the pauses/stops the more awareness of the Emptiness that one is in.  Between our words is the Emptiness and yet everything appears in the Emptiness, but it is overlooked because the attention is on the thoughts, the sounds, the activities.

To be one that is Empty, is not dullness, it is not lifeless, it is absolute complete fullness, no Space that needs to be filled up with noise and activity and yet all appears in it.

Begin to place the attention on the Space between.

Monday, February 25, 2013


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Who watches you?  You must have noticed that something, all of your life, has been aware of you.  When you were a baby it was pure Awareness.  Out of a babies eyes there is nothing but Seeing.  When the thought "I" appears, it makes it seem as if there are two "somethings" going on ... "I" and the "Awareness" that is aware of the "I."  But the "I" is not real, it is just a thought, like all thoughts that appear.  

Begin to Notice who is watching, who is Aware that the "I" thought has appeared?  Begin to put your attention on that, like a baby who does not need to know who is watching, you don't need to know or search for who is watching, just begin to put your attention on it.  

It (which is not an "it") has always been watching, so this is not something to be concerned about, it is something to place the attention on.  Begin to notice that you do not know "who" is watching, but have the willingness to begin to be willing to Know who is watching, not by understanding, by pure Awareness.

Friday, February 22, 2013



True Love is very different from the love that one proclaims in this world, though the love that is proclaimed in this world is in True Love, it is not the same thing. 

In this world, what people call “love” varies from moment to moment.  If someone doesn’t do what you want, or leaves you or doesn’t behave the way you want them to, then “love” is removed and even sometimes replaced by hate (which is still Love just riding on the emotion of anger).  

Look at all the marriages that end in divorce, do you know two people that were madly in love only later to find they can barely stand the sight of the other.  It is not that they didn’t Love one another, it is that they chose the concept of “love,” which is love described by those in this world, over True Love.  True Love doesn’t mean you don’t get hurt, it doesn’t mean you stay together, it doesn’t mean anything at all … True Love just IS.  It is when you can sit alone silently and look honestly at those that have touched your life ... everyone of them and know that it is Love that brought you together and it was the ideas of what Love should “look” like that pulled one apart.

Ever find yourself saying, “well, if he would only do this or she would only do that, if everything was only different from how it is, then I would love them.”  But Love doesn’t have rules only you do.  Love doesn’t pick and choose who it Loves, only you do.  Love just IS and it has no boundaries and it has no limits.  It has been the acceptance of the concept of what “love” should look like that hides that everything; is in Love.  

You are in a constant state of Love.  But when you find that the one you say “I Love You” too, leaves or dies or something happens to that one that you have projected “love” onto (and this isn’t saying there is anything wrong with doing that, just become aware that you are) and you find that you cannot keep anything in this world, everything disappears and reappears as something else, then when that one disappears, what remains is ... Love. 

The pain you may feel at the loss; is also Love.  Sorrow is Love.  Happiness is Love.  Joy is Love.  Anger is Love.  See we only want (usually) the Happiness or the Joy and Excitement of Love, but also the Sorrow, the Pain, the Depression of Love is just as important because all show the depths of Love.  So when the one you love comes ... you experience the bliss of Happiness, Joy and Loving and when they go; you experience Pain, the Sadness, the Sorrow of the same. 

As you begin to see this as a truth, then you can begin to put your attention on what the concept “love” appears IN … TRUE LOVE.  It is not outside of you, you are IN IT. 

If Love is the True State (which it is … without opposite) then it does not come and go, it is always there. 

The way to begin to see this is to think of your child, if you have one, or someone that you love unconditionally.  If you love them unconditionally, there is nothing they could do in this world to change that.  So now you need to begin to look at “is there anything they could do in this world to change that?”   If they could, then it is not Love. 

True Love does not change because of actions or anything in this world.  The closer you get to unconditional love the closer you get to Knowing True Love.  And unconditional love begins to grow as you allow it to grow in you. 

It also spreads compassion.

Not everyone will see things the way you do, but you have the space in you for all things to be. Let it spread out from your immediate family to everyone that comes in your orbit. 

It doesn’t mean you have to do anything any other way than you always have, it just allows the space for people to be as they are.  You will begin to stop wanting to change them, because you know that you love them in spite of how they are.  It doesn’t mean you won’t act the same way you always have around them, but something in you will begin to pay attention to what everything appears IN, which is LOVE.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

BURN ...

BURN (Wanting and Desire)

Allow what you want/desire to burn you up.  If you read yesterdays “Do Nothing” then this will just take it a step further.  

Wanting/desiring things to be some other way, is a great tool in burning up all "desire/wanting."
Wanting/Desire is just a “thought” (usually attached to some emotion/energy) that things should be some other way than what they are.  Take a moment to deeply look at that, “how can things be any other way than what they are?”  You might say to yourself that you could do things differently, but you can only do that right now and even that would be how things are right now.  Nothing in the past can be any different than how it is, or it would be and you cannot get to the future, it will be right “Now” when you get there (smile).  So right now … things are as they are and maybe you are wanting things to be some other way than how they are right now, however, if they are to change they will.  So let us see what we can do right now.

We can begin to pay attention to this moment you are in right now.  If there is “wanting and desire” in this moment then face it.  Look around you and see that nothing is actually happening.  Really do this.  Stop.  Take a look around and verify that there is not much happening.  Then look at the wanting/desire.  Let it burn.  Let whatever it is that you are wanting or think is missing from your life burn you up, the desire/wanting leads one to “think” that what they want and desire is “out there” but as you let it burn you up, you begin to see that what you truly wanted/desired, you are actually IN.  It is not the material object that is wanted, that may come and go, but what is truly at the core of ones desires and wantings is what one is immersed In, yet is unaware of, because the energy is placed in searching outwardly for what one is IN.

“Wanting/desire" comes as a gift to begin to see that everything is ok, actually perfect, just they way it is.  Whatever shows up is perfect as well, including "wanting/desire" because it comes to help you begin to see that everything is already ok.  Nothing needs to be changed to be in the moment you are in.  This doesn't mean that the moment you are in doesn't have all the emotions, feelings and sensations.

Every emotion, feeling, sensation shows up to help you to begin to not react, not move to the emotion, to allow emotions to be until they disappear or turn into something else.  

All things pass in this world.  Nothing stays the same, so there is no need to worry about what you don't have or what you think you want, or how you will get something, it will change from moment to moment as it always has.  What does change is that you begin to pay attention, you begin to watch yourself react, instead of being the reacting.  In a sense you are one step removed from yourself and the situation, and yet fully experiencing both from a Witness point of view … like air.  You become “air” aware of the happening.

As you begin to sit with these things as the come up, you might find your attention drawn to what doesn't move.  

All the things of the world, move and change, but what you are IN … doesn't Move.  

What is always There/Here – doesn’t move or have any knowable attributes and yet you begin to become Aware of IT (and IT is not an it).  

And if you should react which in the beginning you will again and again, or chase after, move towards the wanting or desire, that is ok too, just be aware that you are doing it, be aware of the intent in that direction.  

Awareness ... is the Key that unlocks the door to the Self.

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