Friday, February 15, 2013


Recently there have been different ways of seeing the “Sacred” in the world.  One is how Abraham Lincoln saw people’s rights as “Sacred.”  How he could not or would not, in spite of the rest of the behaviors of the world at the time, see people as unequal.  That birth itself was the symbol of equality and in that all life is “Sacred.”

Then there is Chief Sealth who speaks for the Earth and how the Earth is “Sacred.”  And how can one buy or sell the sky, the sun, the ocean and yet we think we can buy and sell the Earth’s Ground.

Recently, myTeacher asked, “Do you see everything as Sacred.”  And there was an immediate “Yes” and a simultaneous “no” and a just sitting there, with no words coming out and the thought appearing “is that a trick question?”  Overtime, since this question was asked, it has resounded in the mind.  The Heart that made the immediate “Yes” has no thought about Sacred or not Sacred.  To the Heart there is only and ever Sacred.  Everything appears in the Sacred, comes from the Sacred and returns to the Sacred.  To the mind, which categorizes and thinks things are separate from itSelf, only what it says is Sacred, is Sacred to it.  If it says that the Mountains are Sacred then that is what it is, but if it says it isn’t it will destroy it, maybe by putting a structure on it, or blowing it up to put a train through it or digging it for gold or whatever one does when it doesn’t See.  It is the same with the Ocean and the Sky and the Body.  It is not about right or wrong.  Only simple Awareness of what one is in and then See what one does from that Awareness.

Before land was bought and sold, there were wars for territories, even the Indians were fighting for territory rights before offers to buy were made, so in once sense if you read what Chief Sealth has written, maybe the white man came to begin to shift the ways of land ownership/territory rights, to move away from violence, which had been going on for thousands of years (and still continues today, but to a much, much, much less extent).  That the white man came to create a way (which may take centuries to see) of sharing the land without violence (and white men don’t get high and mighty it is always God/Love/Self that works through the man that is transparent enough to have It come through).

Land being bought and sold may not have to be the way of the future, but it did have to be a “way” for a time so that one could move “away” from violence in obtaining as sense of “security” (a “sense” which is not ever satisfied until the concept “security” is given up).  So maybe this is what Chief Sealth could not see about the white man at the time, because the white man is also violent (from thousands of years of conditioning) and so this is a process (in a sense) of the Sacred.  The Sacred has no concept or concern for time or for how long it takes for one to SEE.

If you know anything about History, you see that it takes centuries and thousands of years to reprogram the mind to See Sacredness.  There were slaves of all nationalities for thousands of years, there have been wars over land, over beliefs for as long as recorded history.  And yet there is the possibility now upon us to begin to look at what we are fighting for, what all this war is about, that one would rather kill for a sense of “security” than to just give up the belief that it needs any “security.”   That no one would ever have to die over a religious belief could begin right this instant, if one just drop the belief that anyone has to believe anything … to BE.  That BEing itself is proof of GOD.  That what you look at all around you, right in front of you, always and all ways is GOD.  That we have only killed ourselves is the Cosmic Joke, but it is not so funny until one Sees and no longer needs to kill to be right.  That one can just say “BAS!”  “ENOUGH” I would not rather be right anymore.  I would rather die myself than kill. 

This is not just about being Human … this is about all form.  If you look at history, killing has not stopped killing from happening.  Killing only creates more killing, because it creates more pain and no one wants pain so killing continues.  But you must be the one to stop.  No one can stop for you.  You must look at why you kill.  Whether it is with what you call your own “hands” or the hands of another that you request to kill for you.  Only you can walk off the battlefield of life.  Only you can be done with killing.  No one will do it for you, as no one was born for you and no one will die for you and no one but you walks this earth for you. 

So look at what you call “your life.”  See who you are, in any work/position that you are in, you have the ability to share what you Know.  You do not have to quit the Military to not be a killer, you just be in the Military and not kill.  Yet if you find that you must kill, then you must investigate that desire, do not run from it, it has been this fear that has had you running forever and killing forever, face yourself once and for all.  This is not about just killing humans, it is about killing of all life, the killing to survive, when we are past having to survive.  Killing anything to sustain ones life, is no longer necessary.

You do not have to stop anything that you are doing, you just bring the Light of Truth to what you do, which you do anyway, but now consciously.

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