Monday, February 18, 2013


What are you afraid of?

We have been trained to believe that what we “think” and “see” are real.  Not necessarily what we actually see, but what we see on TV or through the Internet.  But how often have you actually seen, what they say happens on TV…in your reality?  You can spend your whole life afraid of things that will not ever happen to you.  All that you are afraid of is a belief that it could happen to you.  But come on … take a look at your life … honestly … you’re alive right now somewhere reading this … didn’t everything work out?  Honestly, hasn’t your life worked out for you, everything has worked out and you are now in the moment you are in, with a whole day ahead of you to be surprised by what shows up.

The fear that arises from what we “think” and what we see on TV or read or hear on the Internet is not really fear.  It is fear of fear.  Real fear is when something is actually happening.  Like a car is coming at you, that is real fear and the body will more than likely jump out of the way or freeze like a deer in headlights, but that would be an actual “feeling” of fear, experience of “fear.”  But fear of fear, is when you are afraid that something may or may not happen because of something you think or something one-step removed (i.e., like TV or Internet news/talk).

One of many huge Gifts I received from reading the Autobiography of Mark Twain, is that he shows (since it was written over 100 years ago) that things do not really change.  People are still scared of the same things that happened or were thought of 100 years ago.  The newspaper stories from back then are not much different than now, there was still corruption, unemployment, murders, abuses, scandals, wars … everything that is happening now was happening then … it just looks different because the faces and names have changed.  This was/is a huge gift to see because when one is willing to see, you see that things just happen.  So, forget worrying about it, just wait and see what happens.  Let life reveal itself to you.  It always is anyway. 

If you are honest you can see that it has always worked out, why not just accept that that is the way.  It doesn’t mean that you may or may not like how it works out, but it will work out and not just for you but for everyone.  So you can turn off the TV and Internet every once in awhile and go outside and breath the fresh air, look up at the sun, check out the stars and put your feet in the ocean.  You can take a break from all the drama of the world.  It will still be there when you want it, when you want to be afraid or scare yourself, turn it back on or find that friend that always has all the bad news to give you :o)  But if you are starting to see the cracks in the stories of how bad it all is, then go out and look at the day and smile at it.  It’s all for you.

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