Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Just for today, have no one to blame for anything.  See if you can look at your life in a way that everything that has ever happened to you is perfect.  That you are the perfect creation from all that has happened in your life. 

Anything that is currently happening is also perfect.  So if you can see, if only just for today, that there is no one to blame for anything in your life, because if that was the case, then your life would not be perfect and we have already decided for today that it is perfect.

Pull your life back into you.  Having no one to blame for how things are brings it back into you and in you it is healed ... because you are perfect and healing comes through your perfection.  You do not have to understand this, just accept it for today as true.   

No matter what comes your way today ... if you find yourself wanting to blame another for the way things are, then pull it back into you, take those fingers you are pointing at the other and drop them down to the side of your body and take a moment to "stop"and recall if you can, that today you will not blame, becasue you know that even though you can't see it, everything is perfect and working out, even though it may not appear that way from where your view is ... if you could rise above the situation you would see much more going on than you can currently see.  So just "know" without figuring it out, that everything is working to serve everyone.  Not just you, but everyone involved, life is working to solve everything for everyone.  It actually has all already been solved... so you can rest in that to, at least for today.

Tomorrow, if it comes, you can go back to blaming, but you might just find that it is so freeing on your entire being not to blame...that you don't ever go back.  :o)


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