Sunday, February 17, 2013


As one begins to become less and less attached to the thoughts about “who they think they are” they become more CLEAR.  Clear is like being empty, but empty is not empty, when it is CLEAR.  It is a challenge to use words, but let’s say as you become more “empty” of who you think you are, it doesn’t make you less of “What You Are.”  So you actually become more clear; and the fullness of who you are Shines through.  When you are full of “who you think you are” it is like a grey film that covers the Clarity of who you Are.

An example would be if you have a glass of water (imagine that “you” are the glass of water) and it has lots of particles of minerals in it, lots of them, thousands of them (which represent the thoughts of who one thinks they are), the glass of water will look black and murky.  But as you begin to question who you are, by asking “Who Am I?” and seeing a process of elimination appear, each thought (mineral/particle) that is removed makes the glass of water Clearer.  Eventually you get down to the last thought (particle/mineral) which is “I” and as that is removed (vanishes) the water is Crystal Clear.

If this analogy comes through as intended, you will see that not having an “I” thought doesn’t take away from you, it leaves you as you are, in a state of Clarity, in Clear Water, so you are empty of the thought (mineral/particles); but full of the Self (Clear Water). 

It seems that many think, when they hear in spiritual circles, to be “nothing” or “empty,” that it is hollow and scary.  But it is Lightness of Being, it is Clarity and it is Clear and it is Fullness, the Fullness of Being Empty!

You Are THAT! :o)


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