Tuesday, December 11, 2012


You may hear from time to time to "keep an open mind."  Sounds simple right, but what is an open mind...from here it looks like a mind that can allow all possibilities.  Of course this is easy to say but to actually has to be willing not to do.  Because "doing" is of the mind and if the mind is "doing" then it is not open.

So what does all that mean...well let's see what the mind is holding on to and then let's see if it can open.  Can you allow the possibility that no one is watching your life.  That you will have an entire life...only seen by you (shared with apparent others, yes, but only seen by you) and that at the end of the road, when the body dies, all of it goes with you, because it was, in a sense, only a computer recording the ins and outs of life and then wipes out at the end just like what you do to your old computer when you are ready for a new one.  You wipe out all the information so that no one has it and you get a new one and start over again.

It is not being said that this is how it is...only can one allow the possibility that it could be?  That there is no one to pray to, no one to save you, no one to save, only a computer, walking the planet, recording the information of life and then commenting on it, putting it all into neat or not so neat little files that it recalls at later times to share with others that come along and then eventually is put to rest.

See that is a blue sky from here.  No holding on to anything, record yes, hold on to no, unless one wants to.  The blue sky is that you are not the computer, you are what the computer is in.  

Ani DiFranco who wrote the song that is the title of this post "What if no one's watching" says in the song "What if God is just an idea someone put in your head."  Isn't that a pretty interesting thought?  Thoughts are interesting and especially if we follow them to their Source.  Ever follow a thought back to where it came from?

So if somehow this thing you are riding around in that one calls a "body" is like a computer, couldn't a program be placed in it that said "God" and then a button is clicked that says "Find" and one types "God" and the search begins to find "God" but what if you are in "God" how would you find what you are in?  And how would you understand what you are in?  Can you see the good humor in this.

So then we create others that can help us find "God."  Like if we just do everything that Jesus said or the Bible said or Buddha said or Mohammed Said or Rumi Said or whoever the latest Guru says...then we will find God...but we over look the message in the search to find.  Ultimately the message is "You Are That which you are seeking to find."  But the little computer thinks that it is the computer that they are and not the THAT which cannot be described with words but only pointed to...again follow a thought to it's Source and then tell one if there is something to be sought.

So Blue open mind.  An open mind accepts that they may be wrong but is willing to hear all the possibilities and shines.  For the open mind it is not a matter of who is right or who is wrong, but rather, what right and wrong appear IN.

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