Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Ever have the thought "something is missing" and then go trying to find that something that seems to not be there instead of just looking at the thought itself.

Look at the thought and keep the attention there instead of the action of searching to find.  

If you look at the picture above it sort of depicts where one is being pointed.  Under all the puzzle pieces is the one thing (which is not a thing) that all the pieces depend on to stay connected; to exist.  If you remove one piece (like you see above) there is a space there where it seemingly was … which makes it appear like it is now missing from the puzzle, however, if you look closely, you can see that the puzzle piece its self is transparent (revealing it's illusory nature).   So if it is not real, how can it ever be missing?  And even with the piece seemingly gone what it was on is still there.

"Missing" is not possible.  Nothing can be missing because everything is connected through the One it is dependent on to be connected.  

If it can be "missing" than it never actually was, it was an illusion that you had it.  As you begin to see the transparency of everything, then a lightening is revealed of life.  The attention can begin to be drawn towards what all the puzzle pieces appear on/In, and when they disappear; whether that piece is a material object you lose, or a person, or a relationship, or a job, your attention will be on what they appear and disappear In.

This is where the saying "giveth and taketh away" comes from.  It is given from the Same that it is taken from.  One moment a blessing; the next a curse.  But both blessing and curse arise only in the mind (an opinion, or thought or belief) about what one wants or doesn't want.  What those thoughts appear IN does not have blessing or curse, does not shift, alter or move and is not ever missing.  It always and forever is complete, completeness itself, of which no-thing can be lost or missing.

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