Friday, December 28, 2012


Just wrote the following for today’s tidbit…it came up this morning after writing clean slate and both are Wayneji’s pointings but here is what came:

True Forgiveness, is when one doesn't need to forgive.  Like when we say "I forgave them" or "you are forgiven."  It is really saying that you haven't, because to forgive someone, there has to be a past event that you are re-creating to "forgive/forgave" that person from...which keeps them a prisoner to it (can you see that?)

Now this doesn't mean that if someone asks you for forgiveness that you don't say it, but you could say "done, there is nothing to be forgiven from, you are released" and then if it is True Forgiveness, it is done, you have not forgiven the person (take this slow) because to do so there would have to be something that you are going back into the past to forgive them for.

Now it isn't that the concept "forgiveness" isn't helpful...but there does come a time when one even has to let go of the concept for it to be True.

This is something to look at because it can sound confusing, but if you think you have forgiven someone, anyone for anything, then you really haven't.  True Forgiveness doesn't have a memory.

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