Monday, December 24, 2012


This morning there was the thought that when beginning to investigate who one is, there seems to be periods of time where there is Knowing (or Awareness of who one is) and then not knowing.  There will be an opening and an obviousness that there is no individual "I."  And then it seems to disappear and the "I" seems real again.

What flashed was a picture in the mind of a shutter... like on a camera or the phones now a days have an image of a lens opening taking a picture and then closing.  One of the definitions of a "shutter" is said to be: a mechanical device that limits the passage of light.  That is sort of how it is...there is a lens (we can call it the "I" thought) and when it is in full use it is like having a closed shutter on a camera, it hides the light (it does not change or alter the Light, it only hides it).  Self-investigation is the opening of the lens and Light shines forth (though not limited to investigation, sometimes the lens completely opens with no attempt to do the opening, but that is rare).  

The more one investigates who one is, the less there is of them, and the more the Light shines through.

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