Saturday, December 15, 2012


Everything Serves, because Life is in Service to itSelf.  Life is like a giant ball being pulled in towards the Center.  The Center, is Home and Service is the call to Home.  It is like a transmitter that goes out and all things, including you are in Service to that Return to Self.

Service does not look like anything, because Service is all things.  Most consider service to be doing something one would call "good" for another.  But if one is willing to look honestly at this, there has to be someone that is not doing "good" for the other to do "good" for it (this is something to look at closely).

As one begins to allow for the possibility that they do not know what anything is for, then they can be kinder to their self in what they feel they should be accomplishing and what is actually being accomplished.  You will come to find that everything you do, including making others happy or sad or angry or blissful is all in Service.

There is a story about a man on the subway with his children and they are acting completely unruly and being noisy and running around when they should be sitting.  The woman next to them is getting terribly annoyed and thinking "why won't this man do something about his awful children."  She burns with this for awhile before finally she just blurts out "Mister what is wrong with you, control your children!"  He lifts his head and looks at her with tears in his eyes and says "So very sorry ma'am, we just came from the hospital...where their Mother just died.  Children come here and behave." 

This simple story has changed so much in how things are seen from these eyes, that no matter what is thought, one doesn't know what anything is for or why things are happening.  But this story has Served on many occasions.  And maybe it will Serve you who is reading this now, not to so quickly judge a book by its cover and to have some willingness that no matter what you think about a situation, you maybe wrong, to have a bit of compassion for others that may not be able to handle things as well as you do, and compassion for yourself when you can't handle things as well as others.

Eventually we all return to the Self that is Calling us Home and it is always the call to Love, no matter what it looks like in the world.

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