Friday, December 21, 2012


The world you see is transient.  Everything in it is in the process of being born and dying.  Don't just accept these words.  Look.  Isn't that the way in the world? 

In this recognition, one is wise to begin to investigate what is not born, what does not die. might ask ... does one look for something that is not in the world (if it were it would be subject to birth and death), but which animates all things? 

(Disclaimer he he he...words can only can use things in the world to point towards what is not in the world, but understand or know, that you cannot describe something that isn't in the world you can only use what is in the world to point to what cannot be described.  However you can Know it and that will come as you begin to know that you cannot understand. :o)  So "air" is just being used as a concept to point to what is not "air" or anything that has an attribute that can be described with words.  Thank you for your time.  ~The editor.)

First, one does not can't look for air right ... yet you know it is there.  It is the same with what you and the world are IN.  So to begin just know or accept, just like you have with air, that it is true that what animates you cannot be born and cannot die (but that it is not an individual).  You can't have individual air and yet air sustains everyone.  Air doesn't ask you to be a certain way for you to breath. :o)  So there is nothing to do to begin to know who you are, but relax and begin to accept that you don't know, but are willing to begin to know.

Then you start to dig through all the things that you are not.  This step is simple, yet often overlooked in one's frustration to understand.  One must have patience and perserverance to begin to discover who they are.  It took this many years to make a "you" that "you" aren't.  It may take a bit of time to see that this "you" isn't (but it doesn't have to because it is not dependent on is who you Are right now, you just think it isn't, lucky for you that just because you think something doesn't make it so).

What you begin and end with is a question, that question is:

"Who am I?"

If the answer that comes, can change, can be altered or moved, it is not who you are (that is the tool to begin to know what and who you are not).  This is the beginning of the end of who you "think" you are.  And the beginning recognition of who "You" actually Are.


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