Wednesday, June 12, 2013


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If you are holding onto things from the past that have hurt you or scared you or left you not liking someone or even hating someone, you are carrying that energy with you everywhere you go and you hold it against that other and they have it weighing on them wherever they are.  It has been said "Better to clean out your spiritual Home than to clean your physical one."  ~The Mother  What she is sharing is that as we become Clear and Clean on the inside, the outside of our life begins to reflect this clarity also.

One of the ways to begin to clean your spiritual home is to let go of the past.  That you look at the people and things and experiences that you have been carrying ... just close your eyes and look and see ... is there someone I still don't like, that I want to hold something against, and not just someone but something or some action or some experience that you keep replaying in your mind that is unresolved, be willing to begin to see and hold it more lightly.  

Sometimes it helps to see a person that you are angry with, as a child, if you have a child picture that person as if they are your child and see if you still wish to carry that anger.  It doesn't matter who it is or how old they are, just allow them to be a child and whatever action you are angry about that they did, see if you can seem them this little child and whether you would still hold it against them like you have been doing.  This isn't just healing for you, it is healing for them, we are all connected and what you give to another you give to yourself and visa-versa.

This does not mean that you do not remember the past, because when the past comes up, it is actually in your present so it is not the past, but it is there for you to look at or it wouldn't be coming up.  Look at it, see what it is asking of you and see if you are willing to give it.  Then let go, or it will just go, you will see.  Your life and the lives around you will become Lighter because of your willingness to heal.  To Clear and Clean your True Home, first.

Namaste (That which is in me, bows to That which is in you).

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