Saturday, June 8, 2013


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A question and answer session came up on a morning walk after the statement "Everything Serves" appeared...

Q:  Serves a purpose?

A:  No just Serves.

Q: Serves what?

A: Serves the awareness of the Self.

Q:  Isn’t that a purpose.

A:  Not if you discover who you are.

Q:  Isn’t the discovery of who I am the purpose?

A:  Once who you are is Discovered then everything just Is.

Q:  If everything just is then why discover who you are?

A:  Exactly. Paradoxically, since you think you exist ... everything Serves to reveal that you do not.

Q:  So isn’t that the purpose?

A:  Who would the purpose be for?

"The only reason you *think* you exist ... is because you keep saying you do.  Stop validating a lie."  :o)  

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