Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Since it's Halloween and a time where we openly talk about blood and gore and scary things that make us want to shut our seems like as good a times as any to speak to something that maybe one hasn't paid attention too or even known.   When TV shows like "Walking Dead" are very much loved and ranked as the #1 television show...what is shared here shouldn't come as too much of a surprise...but maybe it will.

Vampires are known for their longevity because they drink fresh blood...even in the Walking Dead...the dead don't eat the dead they only eat the living.  

Oddly enough, most humans only eat the dead.
 (Have you ever thought about that.)

Maybe why we die so young now from heart attacks and cancer isn't because of anything more than our desire for rotting flesh.  Sounds gross to hear it that way...well it did to me...haven't looked at the meat section in a grocery store the same since.  

We have ended up in some of the strangest eating habits maybe of all this is the first time in history that one could keep food cold for long periods of time (refrigeration)...hence keep meat cold...hence eating rotting flesh.

Not only are we eating rotting flesh but then we are also eating animals that we don't treat very well, and have disease and mistreatment and then you are taking into your body the energy of that animal.  Animals have the same energy animating as you and me.  

History has recorded that tribes would eat members of their tribes and even kill members of other tribes to imbue that energy into themselves.  So one would imagine they would want to bring into the body the energy of something that was treated well...not mass produced and pretty much tortured.  Could you imagine your pet, if you have one being treated the way chickens, cows and pigs are just to get to our table?  

There is intelligence in these animals, after spending time with them...the same energy that animates me and you are in them.  This is not being said to scare anyone.  This is being said for Awareness to be aware of oneself.  Aware of what you are doing.  What you are putting into the vehicle (body) that drives you around this planet.

If you were told that the fuel that you put in your car would cause the engine to fail, would you continue to use that fuel?  The same could be said about the blood and flesh of animals.

This is not an activist story...but it is a story of becoming Aware.

This topic is not one that usually makes friends in fact it sometimes makes them disappear (eeeeeeeeeek :o)

Happy Halloween

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