Thursday, October 4, 2012

Self Investigation


The investigation begins with a seemingly simple question..."Who Am I?"

One would think that this would be enough to have one delve deeper and deeper into theirSelf, however, it seems we live in a busy world where one is more concerned with where they are going and what they will get than who they are.

For the few that find themselves on this page, you are offered the gift that gives you give everything and you receive nothing. However it is not nothing like the mind understands. You receive yourself as you take this question and dig deeper than all the answers that are given in response, until you are finally sitting here with me and no answer is sought.

Begin to make this your only question. When other questions arise, that seem to demand an answer or a response give the true answer "Who?" As this becomes a way of living for you, you will begin to see that who you thought you were, was not ever in charge.

For the one that does not do this work, that will seem like a frightening lie, but for the one that has done the work, it is a rewarding Gift.

That you ask as you remember is enough.

"Who Am I?"

and patiently, silently, wait.

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