Sunday, October 21, 2012

You Are Nameless.

(Artwork by Tony Santana)

You come from the Nameless and return to the Nameless and are in the Nameless while you read this.  How does one go about seeing this for their self   You can start by imagining a baby.  When it is has no name, no matter what name you put on it, that is not how it was born.  It/you were born nameless because where you came from has no name.  But people identify strongly with their name because they are programmed since birth to believe that it has something to do with who they are.  But a name doesn't make a person something, a name is just a way of separating you from everyone else.

Maybe I was lucky cause I didn't ever really like my name, when I was 13 I changed it to Daki, which you see in the Graffiti above.  I went by that name for a brief while, but it helped me to see something, something I hadn't before I changed it.  I thought I was "Joy." I thought I was the name and that that name had stories and experiences attached to it that I didn't want at that time, there was a lot of pressure with a name that has such meaning in this world.  To be happy or joyful, which I was not often either of those things growing up.

However, I went back to the name Joy and though I didn't like it and resisted it for many years following, it has been a bringer of the deepening in knowing/Realizing that I am not my name.  The resistance to it showed me that I am not it and led me deeper into...if I am not my name...then who am I?

Then myTeacher entered my life and after a few years he gave me the name "Joysters."  I loved/love this first I took to it like whole new being.  I was going to create the "Joysters."  And to some extent that did happen...there was an identifying with the new name of "Joysters" and the story about "Joysters" in the world and what she was doing and learning and so what ended up happening was just another version of "Joy" sure it was a happier "Joy" an alternative to the Joy that had been unhappy, but it was just the opposite of the same coin.  Since you don't see what you are in when you are in it and luckily myTeacher saw what I had done and he helped me to see what I had done, not in telling me what I had done but by stripping me of what I had done.... he stopped calling me Joysters.  And I went through a long period of sadness because I had become attached to that name "Joysters" and all the wonderful things that I enjoyed under that name.  But this sadness brought another gift to my door, though it did take quite some time of resisting losing this name, once the resistance was gone, I began to See that I am Nameless.

I am what comes before all names.  

This gift was/is so lovingly given to me, even though I fought tooth and nail to keep what wasn't real, it was still given and that is what this writing is, my opportunity to give what was/is given freely.  That you have the ability to Know yourSelf...not as a name, not as a body, but what the name and body appear in.

You are Nameless always and forever.

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