Sunday, October 21, 2012

Many Are Called, few choose to Listen.

This morning during Meditation, the thoughts appeared to write for the Tidbit on the Nothing To Learn website "The Observer is the Observed."  Which happened, also though the thought appeared for tomorrow's Tidbit..which rarely happens but it did and it was "Many Are Called, few choose to Listen."  

Those were the Tidbits and I don't usually know what will be said under those headings or any Tidbit headings until the writing of them occurs.  What usually happens is that I will open up the website and put in the heading and then go "Google" a picture   I usually find great pictures so it's become the habit to do it this way and then to write whatever comes up...not always this way but usually.

Today when I went to look up a picture for "Many are Called" I came across a website/blog that caught my eye, seemingly because he was a photographer.  I opened the link and it told this story of the photographer, Eric John Kim and his relationship with a gentlemen Bailey that was a greeter for the company he worked for.  The title of the blog was "Many are called but few choose to listen."  After reading this story, I was so touched by the obviousness of "The Observer is the Observed."  As it came in direct line  and as complete confirmation that what is coming through valid and to be investigated fully.  And not only investigated but shared.

Life is full of surprise and mystery.  So now I am going to write to Eric and share with him how this circle has been followed back to the source and see where he is at now that there has been some time and space from his conversation and seemingly Life Changing Event with Bailey.  Because there were two parts to his where his is directed to go out into the world and create with his photography and the other is directed into himself, where "we" all reside as that Silent/Still/Observer of itSelf.

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