Friday, December 31, 2004

Already Awake

You Are What You Have Been Searching For
It's 3:02am and I just woke up from a strange dream where we were humans in a war and there were not that many people left on earth...and of the ones that were left there were three types type was the Stupid people (that's what they were called in my dream)...they were attempting to kill the people/bodies in the dream that knew that the world was not real ... (those people were called the Real Ones) they were the ones that Knew the world was not real and were here to spread that information to those that could Hear...they were sort of protected (in a sense) by the Protectors...the Protectors were those that believed in what the Real Ones revealed about the world not being real... but didn't yet Know...without the need for belief ....that the world was not real.

So there were sort of 3 types of people in my dream tonight and the first type the Stupid ones were angry and brutal...sometimes so subtley so you wouldn't know (unless you were a Real One) that they were actually a Stupid one...yet when they got info about one of the Real One's that knew that the world was not real...they would erupt in rage and attack and destroy anyone that was even remotely linked to the Real One's.

There was a woman in my dream that could explain the world was not real...but she could only explain half of it...and then there was another that could explain the other half...and if you were in the presence of the two...explaining the became so obvious that the world was not real...that you instantly became One of the Real Ones.

Then I woke up.
~Joy Surget

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