Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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In Yoga, Yuko said we were doing a cow face position (see image above) which flashed (for whatever or no reason) to the boy in class next to me (maybe because he had on an In and Out Burger shirt) and it was like we were having an internal dialogue (without verbal words) and it was shared that the reason he sees a cow like any other object is because he does not see his Self ... the Self.   

That if he saw that it is his Self ... the Self and that All is That ... then it may be a different experience then he is currently having, and that Karma would not be anything to even think about because it is not about coming back as a Cow; it is that you and the cow are the same right now.  If you want to know how you will be treated as a cow ... look at how you treat cows, or anything else for that matter.

Then there was a flash to the movie “Bubble Boy” (if you can’t laugh at hypocrisy and ignorance well then don’t watch cause its freaking funny lol!)  He is driving an ice cream truck of all things and that is hilarious, people are great … like whoever thought this up is great.  Laughing at hypocrisy is the quickest way to see it and not become judgmental of it.  If you become judgmental then you overlook your own and the ones that are laughing, see yours.

So right now you are looking at what you are in … everything.  Not you as a personal identity (that is the mis-identification) but you as in YOU in Everything.  Not in a next life.  Right now…you are that cow, you are the tree, you are all things and although you may not be currently experiencing that physically (though you could ... it is possible), in this moment, that does not make it not so.  

Now just watch and see how you treat yourself, without judgment, just be aware of how you are in the world and how you relate to it, and allow the possibility that the same thing (which is not a thing) that animates everyone and everything else … animates you.  Sometimes you may find you treat yourself very poorly and sometimes very well; and everything in between.  

So was that moment actually shared with this young man?  God Knows :o)  But it is now with you (heh!)

  ~The biggest hypocrite ever (Awareness Takes Care of Everything)

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