Saturday, September 22, 2012


It was a heady morning filled with thoughts of things that have to get done or aren't getting done and concerns about things that are going on in life that create a feeling of "fight or flight."  

Luckily Meditation time arrived and there was quiet and the thought appeared...instead of "fight or flight" stop everything and "wait and see." 

This idea that was planted in me years ago yet just started shimmering in the relaxing ensued I could see that the stress was caused not because their actually was stress but that there was a fear that wasn't being looked at which was creating the desire to either run/flight or attack/fight...and both responses avoid what is not being looked at...what is there but cannot be how does one look at a fear they can't see...they Stop.  

                                       Completely Stop.

In that stopping one can look at what is being reacted to without reacting ...without making a plan of attack or    plan a way out...and admit that the fear is there...because they don't know what to do and if one can just stop...don't do anything...which goes against the grain that we are accustomed...that I is accustomed to either have a way of combating the fear or getting away from it...but to stop and just stay there and wait and see what happens...not tell myself what is going to happen or what could happen but to wait and see what actually does facing the fear.

The fear that is revealed from the fear of the unknown or not being in control and not knowing what is in control.  To stop and wait and see how it all works itself out...can be frightening because one is so used to doing have an action or reaction to situations/stimulus...but in doing stopping and waiting to see what happens ... an entirely new experience can be received.

Who would have thunk it would be hard to do nothing :o)  It's not that it is actually hard... it is just undoing...unlearning behaviors that we are taught...though watching others or our own past responses...that actually no longer help us or serve us and many times lead us to even worse situations or deeper unresolved issues.

To stop and stay, wait and see, when everything inside is telling you to change the  the beginning of seeing what you have been running towards and away from all your life.

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