Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A WILLING LIFE (Marma and Cody)

Yesterday on our walk Cody (my neighbors Brown Lab) came bolting down the road ... I didn't hear him until he was just a few feet away. When things like this happen everything is so fast and also in slow motion at the same time ... I turn to get Marma (my 6-week old chicken) and she is freaking out and squawking so I grab Cody instead.

His collar is loose and it is hard to hold him down ... he is snarling and has his teeth out and even snaps at me. I get him down on the ground still holding his collar and look up and 200 yards away are a group of 9-11-year-old Jiujitsu students watching this whole scenario.

I call out to Marma who has run across the road and is hiding in tall grass. I hear her peeping so I call again and she pops out ... Cody starts squirming in my arms and has still got his teeth out.

I put my hand out to her and tell her I won't let him hurt you, even though at the same time as I am saying this the possibility is that Cody will break free as he must be close to 100 lbs, yet I say it again and she inches closer to my hand that is Still and remains open and she gets in it ... even with Cody's face snarling and inches from hers. We get up and I let go of Cody and see all the people watching us and I turn and we continue on our walk ... and for the first time ... Cody comes with us.

As we are walking there is reflecting on what just happened. This amazing Trust this little creature has ... because anything could have happened, but this amazing little bird has the trust that she is protected ... and she accepts this extended hand with her life.

Giving and receiving are said to be the same and there was enough Trust in me to extend the hand ... not knowing the outcome and for her to get it in risking her own life.

And then for all of us ... in a sense to move past the whole experience holding hands and walking down the road on a beautiful sunshiny day in the pastures of this beautiful valley after the inklings of a traumatic event.

After speaking with a Friend today ... they said that what I was sharing wasn't actually about Trust ... it is about Surrender and Living a Willing Life ...

Where All things are possible.


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