Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who Am I? Really.

This is a question that no one can answer for you.  The question of "Who Am I?"  If you have found yourself at this page then the odds are you have begun to question reality and your role in it.  There has been a very big assumption and that assumption that has been made is that you exists and you know who you are.  However this assumption is being questioned or you wouldn't be here.  So what you have come here for is the question:

"Who Am I?"

Ask yourself and see what comes.  You may at first find that the answers that come say...I am "insert name here."   If you can look at the statement you may see the lie.  If you have put in a name ... like we can use the example of Jane/ we put in the name Jane/you to have "I am Jane."  Now look again...who is calling Jane...Jane?  (<----don't speed past this one :o)

This can blind one from looking at "I."  Because there is so much investment in the story around a name "I/Jane."  Some thoughts from the past or about the future that are saying "I/Jane must be because I remember her."  Who remembers don't get caught in the thought that says "I" do because again...Who is saying "I do."  At first it maybe frustrating...then the question can come from that too..."Who is Frustrated."

It takes a commitment to continue to ask.  If you see thoughts come and have changed from Who to How/Why...refocus them to Who...begin to use Who when thoughts say "I."  It sounds too simple.      The mind insists on complexity to avoid what is so close, that complexity is in It.  However, you will be following the thoughts back to the Present and the Present cannot be thought. So now the first question has been answered...I am not Jane.  I/Jane is a name and names can be changed, it is unchangeable, unalterable.  So we come to find that "I"  am not (insert name here) who I think I am.   Then "Who Am I?  Really."

The next answer that comes maybe something like (and take a moment to look/pause and see if you can begin to see where that answer came from).

If  the answer that came is something like... I am this body.  Investigate...It sure can feel like the body is who we are...however...if you look closely...if you are the body...could it be taken from you?  If you were/are  it...and you lose part of an arm or a leg, do you lows a part of yourself?  Could you be without it?  The body will die...eventually something will kill it even if it is old age.  So if you are able to see that you are not the body, again the investigation arises...if I am not the body...who am I?

The questions will continue to come...look at them...begin to ask "Who is aware of this?" To whom do these thoughts come?  Do the thoughts that show up actually reveal who you are or do they only reveal who you are not.  If it can change...then it is not who you are?

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