Thursday, September 12, 2013


Being “Home” School’d is being School’d by what is already innate in you.  First it has to be tapped into.  This discovery can be made through the investigation and interrogation into the “self” that one thinks they are (body, personality, race, gender) to the Core of who they actually Are.  The tool that works best in making this discovery is the question “Who am I?”  Once one has dug through the layers of “personal identity” then the Core begins to shine through more clearly.  This doesn’t have to take a lot of time but for most, like this one, it does.  The discovery is a split second blast into no “self” and then the investigation continues through one’s life as more and more of who one thinks they are … is discarded.

Home is at the Core of you.  This took many, many years to discovery here.  It is not your location, or the structure you live in or the body with which you get around … all those things will change and eventually disappear.  True Home is Always.   Nothing can make it disappear because it isn’t something that comes and goes.  It does not change or morph or become anything.  It Silently waits … it is Stillness  beyond any meaning of the word … and it waits for you … for your discovery of It (and yet IT is not an it). 

As you discover your True Home, then everything you learn about the world and beyond or before … is taken more and more lightly, it is still interesting but you know that it will all fade and so there isn’t such great importance placed on it and you begin to rest more in just seeing how things are and not how you “want” them to be.  Eventually even your “wants” disappear and life is just what it is … a constant surprise. 

This is being Home School’d … you are School’d in the Home that you are In and all of life then comes to assist that Teaching, which is actually an unlearning of what you have been originally been taught and accepted as true and real.

It is for everyone and everyone has it in them, yet not everyone is interested in knowing who they are ... oddly enough … most would rather just be told … because it’s easier to just be told … you are “your name” you are “your body” you are “your religion” you are “the country you live in” you are … blah, blah, blah.  To discover who you are … you have to throw away all that you have been told and be empty of knowing … as you become more transparent the Light of Who You Are leads the Way.

You begin with Faith that you would not lead yourself somewhere you wouldn’t want to go and you follow in spite of the fear of the unknown. 

If you are true in your desire/yearning to know the Truth of You.  Everything will show up to Light the way.

(For the First Time.)

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